A Cheatsheet for Data Wrangling using Pandas | by Aseem Kashyap | Sep, 2020 | Towards Data Science

Following acquisition of raw data, data wrangling is the most essential step to transform raw data into more functional form for data analysis, model building and data visualization. If involves… — Read on towardsdatascience.com/data-wrangling-in-pandas-a-downloadable-cheatsheet-84326d255a7b

Build a fully production ready machine learning app with Python Django, React, and Docker | by Mausam Gaurav | Sep, 2020 | Towards Data Science

Familiarity with Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and some basic Linux commands. Although I would try to explain everything as much as I can, if you have some difficulty in understanding any concept… — Read on towardsdatascience.com/build-a-fully-production-ready-machine-learning-app-with-python-django-react-and-docker-c4d938c251e5